60 Day Spring Challenge

Oh the sunlight, spring showers, flowers and the glorious great outdoors! I am ready for Spring, a real Spring, not this fake, it looks beautiful and warm outside but it is still freezing and windy, Spring! Well at least it is sunny, I couldn’t handle anymore of the grey sky of winter! So although it is still nippy, “hello Spring, welcome to the tri-state!” To welcome Spring I thought I would do a little 60 day challenge! 60 days! That is quite a long time for a challenge, but I wanted it to end on June 1st, right around when kids are off for the summer, hopefully it is beautiful and warm/hot outside and when most people start hitting the pool! So 60 days it is! I am not promising a tight, lean, bikini ready body, but I am promising that if you eat a balanced healthy diet and exercise regularly you will feel awesome, and when you feel good…you look good! 🙂

So here is the challenge, for 60 days commit to your health! Be more aware of what you eat and how you spend your energy in the next 60 days than you usually do. Make every effort to eat right and exercise! Make it a priority! I will be posting flash workouts (quick, can do anywhere workouts) and other tips to keep you motivated.


So here it the first one! It is simple and real quick! A great jump start to the challenge and your day!

10 jumping jacks

10 sit-ups

10 squat jumps

10 push-ups

repeat 3 times, perform each exercise quickly but in control!

As always, try to incorporate cardio throughout your day. Whether playing outside with the kids, running, walking or hiking…get cardio in your day! 30 -45 min. 5-7 days a week!

*The information on my blog does not constitute medical advice or a recommendation for your specific condition or situation. Consult your physician before you begin any exercise, nutrition, diet, or weight loss program or other change in your lifestyle. If you experience any pain stop!

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