Adventure Is Right Here

My name is Ashley Dugger. I am currently a student at Northern Kentucky University studying Electronic Media & Broadcasting and Journalism, and I also produce videos for NKU’s television station. I have always loved writing, and I started blogging on a whim this year. You can find my blog here, and you can also find me on Pinterest.




With summer quickly approaching, there’s only one thing on my mind: adventure.

I can’t exactly say I’m an adventurous person, but there is something about summer that makes me want to drive to explore a place I’ve never been before.

Unfortunately, I don’t exactly have the funds to go on adventures, but I’ve discovered some sure-fire ways to feel like I’m going on an adventure even when I can’t actually go anywhere.

1. Explore new parts of the city in which you live.

Drive for an hour taking all back streets and see where you end up. Get lost on purpose if you want. Thanks to GPSs built into phones and cars, you know you can always find your way back home.

Find a new restaurant or family-owned shop. Take a walk through a part of the city you haven’t seen. Go to a different park than you normally would and have a picnic.

When you do something out of your ordinary routine, you find a way to go on an adventure without leaving your hometown.

2. Make a new friend.

Meeting someone new is always an adventure because you have a chance to learn – new life lessons, new experiences, new perspectives.

Scott H. Young writes on, “A side-effect of meeting new people is you get exposed to new opportunities.”

3. Read a book.

When I want to go on an adventure but I can’t leave my house for whatever reason, I read a book. Every book holds it’s own adventure and every book has the power to put you in the middle of that adventure.

4. Break your routine.

Take the long way home from work. Take a vacation day and spend the day with your family.  Sometimes just changing things up a little bit takes things from mundane to adventurous!

So next time you or your kids want to go on an adventure but you don’t have the money, consider these viable adventuring options.

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