Adventures in Road Trippin

Ah the beach…I love…LOVE…the beach! It’s quite unfortunate that I live so far from the ocean. 10 hours minimum to be exact. I dread the drive, but I look forward to the beach so much, that its worth it! There is just something about staring out into the vast ocean that get to me. I love shelling, watching my kids enjoy play in the water (or the sand), and being with family. The beach.

Ah the favorite place!

But alas…the 10 hour drive. There’s always the driving questions of, “do we drive through the night?” “should we leave really early, like 2am?” “Let’s just get up at 6 and go!” “What if we leave a day early and get a hotel?”. I think after all these years we’ve found that we are a get up at 6 and go family. We tried the hotel bit and…well…that didn’t go so well. We’ve tried driving through the night and being so tired the next day that it’s a waste. And last year when we left at 2am, the driver (who will remain nameless..but it wasn’t me or any of the kids) almost fell asleep at the wheel. So 6am it is!

My sister-in-law, we’ll call her Rachel (since that’s her name), they’re hard-core. She works until 11pm, then they are up and at ’em at 2 and get it done!

Now this last trip to the beach, started off pretty normal…then went a bit off track.

5:30am – Get up, pack the cooler, wake the kids, in the van…off we go!
6am – on the road…a bit like an episode of “Van Hoarders” But we were on the road!

Traveling with the fam...means stuffing the van!

By this time, Rachel and her fam have been driving for a solid 3 hours. We all group text during the drive, to keep tabs and have some laughs. We played a little road trip scavenger hunt to pass the time.

8:30am – Get a text from Rachel that their van is making noises and they are getting it looked at. 2 HOURS later…they are back on the road, with 7 hours left to drive…with a van that, according to the mechanic, “might be ok”, and NO AC. NO AIR CONDITIONING. NONE. Did I mention that we were headed to the beach…in JULY.

And it just so happened that we hit no less than 4 traffic jams. Sitting in the hot sun, no AC, wing windows in the back don’t open, so just sitting there with stale, motionless hot sticky air. For 7 hours. sticks to your face when your ac goes out in the heat of the summer.

Poor Rachie!

Then…my mother-in-law, who leaves a day early and stays in a hotel, calls and asks us to pick up a bag she left at the hotel. Not a big deal…except that we have to back track a good forty min., and then getting stuck in traffic that we had missed. Still, there are worse things…like driving to the beach in July with no ac.

So we are about 6 hours in, ready to eat, but I really wanted some Chick-fil-A…because…well…it’s awesome! So we plug it in the GPS and to our pleasant surprise, we were only 2 miles away! Yeah! Spirits are up! Until we get off the exit to find the restaurant and the GPS keeps taking us to a mall. Oh…that’s because the nearest Chick-fil-A was in the food court at the local mall. Not the most time-saving quick meal break. Nonetheless, I love my chicken sandwiches…so we went in.

We finally all got to the beach…Rachel and her fam were a bit sweaty, but they made it! We had a killer time and forgot all our traveling woes. Well..until the AC-less ride back and the small incident of vomit through the mountains. Ah the bliss of traveling.

ps…if you’re interested…here is the scavenger hunt we played.
Traveling Scavenger hunt!

I still love the beach and already look forward to next year! What are some of your traveling stories?

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