ALDI Test Kitchen Event

If you follow me on Instagram, and if not you totally should (winky face), you probably noticed the posts from my weekend at the ALDI Test Kitchen. The fine folks over at ALDI invited me to their Test Kitchen Event in the gorgeous city of Geneva, Illinois. Have you ever been there? Such a sweet little town! Cute little shops, cafes, and home to The Harrington, which is the name of the AMAZING hotel where I stayed! I mean…they had a milk and cookies turn down service! MILK AND COOKIES! Haha It was awesome! Not to mention the great view! Thanks again ALDI!

So what all happens at a “Test Kitchen”, well…I’m glad you asked! The event was divided into a few different fun, hands on, interactive experiences. All focused on learning more about the products and services ALDI offers. First, a blind taste test, a friendly face-off between ALDI brand food and the leading national brand. Yogurt, guacamole, tortilla chips, crackers, cheese and orange juice. We, myself and other amazing bloggers, had the chance to taste the different products and decide which we liked best. What does a room of bloggers at a taste test look like…here ya go! haha

ALDI Test Kitchen Event

After we all had a chance to taste everything and record our favorites, the answers were revealed! It turns out that…spoiler alert…ALDI exclusive-brand products taste…AMAZING! Winning most of the votes on most of the products! But even more delicious that the taste…the savings! Anywhere from 33-67% savings! ALDI for the win!

We also had a chance to taste some products from their gluten free line. Yes…ALDI carries gluten free foods! I loved the crackers and the pizza! read that right…ALDI carries gluten free pizza!

Gluten Free Products found at ALDI stores!

It’s always great learning how to make new recipes and adding new meals to the ‘ole menu planner. And thanks to a presentation with Chef Brigitte and R.D Tara Gidus, I came home with more than a handful of new recipes to try. Including, my personal favorite, Chicken and Sweet Potato Breakfast Patties! What?! Breakfast patties?! I know…crazy right? But they were so so so good! Sweet and savory…oh and so easy! I will be posting the recipes soon…so be sure to subscribe to the email list (top right in the side bar) 🙂

Chef Brigitte and R.D. Tara Gidus with ALDI

I did learn some very helpful tips from these two ladies! For example, think outside the breakfast box, you need protein in the morning to stay fuller longer and to help keep your crazy hungry/low blood sugar monster from rearing it’s ugly head. Which is another reason I love the chicken and sweet potato patties!

Snacks are great, but they should be used as a bridge from one meal to the next, not a whole meal in and of themselves. String cheese, low fat yogurt with chia seeds, apple slices with almond butter, are great snacks with a protein punch!

Use hummus instead of mayo when making tuna salad, for added vitamins and less fat! Spoon it into a halved pepper for a blast of flavor!

And…throw ranch mix and cottage cheese in a food processor
for a delicious and creamy veggie dip!

Saving $$ tastes great! Find the ingredients to these at ALDI!

I am so thankful for the tips I learned at the ALDI test kitchen event, but even more thankful for the money I can save simply by switching to ALDI!

Click here to find an ALDI store near you!

I would love to hear from you…Have you ever shopped at an ALDI store? Did you notice the savings?

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