Animal Action Dice

Over the Fourth of July weekend, it was pouring down rain, I mean POURING! So we needed some inside craft and activities to keep the kiddos from climbing the walls, although they did that too. I saw this idea on pinterest, tucked it away in the back of my brain and though this was the perfect chance to make Animal Action Dice! Well, that’s what I call them anyway.

What you need
Sets of two, wooden blocks (we only made two, but by all means you could make more)

What you do
Paint the blocks
On one block, write a different animal on each side
On the other block, write a different action on each side
When they dry, roll the dice and have the kids act out what the animal and the action the dice show!

dice Collage


They kids loved painting them and they had a blast rolling them and acting out what the animal action dice said. I also like that I can paint over the words and we can make them “new” with a whole new set of animals and actions! Yeah!!

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