April fools dinner

I love April Fools Day! I love getting my mom and my sister especially, maybe because they are so gullible! Sorry guys! But it is true! 🙂 I usually don’t do pranks, but I try to get them to believe something. My method is, call them in the morning before they remember what day it is, tell them something fantastic and while they are still in shock say (while giggling) “APRIL FOOLS!” hehehe. They hate it and it works every time! I never let it go on for too long, mainly because I am too anxious, and I have found the most success in getting it out right away. It is so funny to me, hehehe! I am probably shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but…I am pretty hard to “April Fool” 🙂 I wake up on guard and pretty much don’t believe anything anyone tells me all day. Actually one year a friend was babysitting so I could work and she called to tell me her son might have the chicken pox. I just kept saying “I don’t believe you!” Turns out…that he didn’t have to pox, but he did have a rash and they went to the doctor.  We are still close friends and we just laughed about it, even while she was saying,” No Heather I am serious, He has a rash, It might be the chicken pox” and I kept saying “But I don’t believe you!” I guess there is a slight chance that I could be a little “No one can ever get me!” over the top!

This year, my sister in law was coming in for a visit and we decided to trick the kids with an April Fools dinner. I am sure you have seen a ton on pinterest! They are so funny! We did meatloaf “cup cakes” and angel food cake “grilled cheese”.

meatloaf cup cakes grlledchese

The grilled cheese was super easy! Just cut some angel food cake into thin slices. Lay them on a cookie sheet and broil so they look grilled, watching very closely! Dye some white frosting orange and frost the pieces together! Easy!

The cup cakes were really good! I mean they weren’t a yummy treat, but they were a delicious and healthy dinner! They were made with ground turkey and carrots! 🙂

Hehehe! Cup Cakes for dinner!! “APRIL FOOLS” hehehe!

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