AvaStars at Kenwood Mall

We recently had the opportunity to check out AvaStars at the Kenwood mall. What a cool idea! The kids had a blast from start to finish.



So what is AvaStars? I am glad you asked…it’s a new company that makes dolls (think barbie size) to look like you! You can pick from a variety of types of dolls, the princess, the special forces guy, the veterinarian, the marital artist, the fashionista to name a few. Then you input your child’s features, hair and eye color, skin tone, etc. And then they stand in the “portal” and smile! A few pics are taken of their face and then the image is sent to a 3-D printer to be put on their doll.

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One of my favorite parts was the cool video that comes with the purchase of the doll! It’s a video starring them! The kids kept playing their video over and over and over!


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The doll takes about 2 weeks to arrive, which is FOREVER according to my 5 year old. Haha. The day they came they saw the UPS driver coming down the street and ran out to meet him! They were a bit excited!

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I love that the dolls have bendy arms and legs, and come with cool accessories! The special foreces guys came with a gun, extra ammo and grenades, and the princess came with a crown, shoes, and a hair brush! But I think the absolute best part is that their cousins have some AvaStars too, so they can all be buddies!

Disclaimer – I was received something of value in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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