Beer Brats and Sauerkraut

With a little German in our blood…my husband and I both love sauerkraut. I mean who wouldn’t love pickled cabbage…when I say it like that it always sounds gross…but seriously I do love it! One of our family favorite meals is simply grilled beer brats and sauerkraut. We had it tonight on this wonderfully brisk Fall evening.


I’m not going to lie…part of the reason I love this meal, (much like this meal) is I don’t have to cook it! 🙂


For the sides you can go with whatever you like. We usually have a combination of fruit, steak fries, baked beans, mac and cheese, grilled veggies, and/or salad. If the sides fit on the grill, even better!


So go fired up the grill and enjoy the last few weeks of crisp fall weather!

P.S. To make this meal healthier…I always buy chicken sausage 🙂





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