For the past month or so I have been using Blinkbuggy! I love love love it! You just have to check it out!





Blinkbuggy Quotes


Basically, it’s a website where you can jot down precious memories, little things kids say or do, or pics! Kinda like a virtual baby book! Which is GREAT for me, because I have yet to start on the little lady’s and she is almost 2! Oops!



Blinkbuggy is a technology that helps moms by making it easy and fun to collect and connect all the most important moments and create meaningful stories, all in one place, that can be shared now as well as passed on to the next generation.

So how does this amazing mesh of traditional memory keeping and modern technology work? Well…it’s so so so easy!! First things first…go to Blinkbuggy and sign up for a FREE account! FREE. EASY. MEMORIES! What more could you ask for! that you have your account..what’s next? Well, you can upload images you already have from instagram (pictured below) or facebook! BONUS! Or upload them from your camera. You can also record little notes/milestones, quotes and snap shots of their art work! So cute!


Blinkbuggy Instagram Import



Blinkbuggy Artwork

You can  also share your memories with friends on Blinkbuggy or on facebook, google plus, twitter or just email the link! You can also choose to keep some private! It’s completely up to you!




I know what you’re thinking…THIS IS THE GREATEST INVENTION SINCE SLICED BREAD! I know! And it’s about to get even better!! In the next few months Blinkbuggy is rolling out their mobile app, so you can get those memories down right when they happen! WHAT! AWESOME!


They are also rolling out the option to print albums from your stored photos! No more end of the year scramble for a photo album! All the photos that are in your Blinkbuggy account you can roll over into a photo album!


And last but not least! Video – integrate and share the sight, sound and motion of your amazing videos!


If you haven’t already get over to Blinkbuggy and set up your account! You can even take a little tour! Then be sure to “like” them on facebook so you can stay up to date on all the Blinkbuggy happenings!


I would love to see all your shareable memories and share my memories with you, but since I can’t do fancy screen shots :(…. so please, once you sign up find me and let’s be Blinkbuggy friends! 🙂


You can also follow them on Twitter and Pinterest!


Have fun!


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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