Chicken Shawarma and Naan

Remember that dee-licious recipe for Naan? Well, a lot of people ask what I serve with it, or how I eat it? I usually serve naan with chicken and shawarma sauce or chicken marsala sauce a salad and some fruit. Again, if I am making it you know it is super easy!


Cook some chicken breast or thigh meat on the stove. Shred it.

Mix equal parts plain yogurt and mayo in a dish (about 1/2 cup each) and add two tablespoons of garlic powder and two tablespoons of parsley (fresh or dried).

Get your delicious piece of naan, put some chicken on it and drizzle some sauce on top. You can also cut the naan in little pieces and dip in the sauce too. SO GOOD! So SIMPLE!


The pic might not look appealing…but I am telling you this stuff rocks! Next time I make it I will be sure to up date to a deserving, mouth watering pic! 😉

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