Christmas and the Holidays

There is no way you can convince me that the Holiday’s have anything to do with Christmas. Well, not anymore at least.  Thanksgiving is much easier, but the Christmas holiday has just gotten out of control. As much as we try, there is no keeping the “reason for the season” at the forefront of the hearts and minds of kids, or adults. It’s been lost. Just walk into any store the day after Halloween. You don’t’ see nativity’s, you see a sea of Santa’s, glitter, red and green, etc. Making Christmas lists, asking “what do you want for Christmas?”, shopping (online or at the store), has nothing to do with a Savoir being born to save humanity. Trimming the tree, making cookies, singing carols, going to plays…has nothing to do with God almighty taking human form and being born in a humble manger.




Of course you can make anything you do, no matter what time of the year, have Christ the focus, if you make choose to. Of course! But by and large, now a days, holiday festivities have nothing to do with Jesus. Unless you constantly decide to reinforce that thought.

So we have decided that we celebrate both Christmas and the Holidays. 🙂 We carve out this time of the year to focus on the fact that God sent His son to be born for our sakes. You can really do that anytime of the year, and some do, but we decide to do it during the holidays. We have a nativity scene (which is actually up all year), we talk about giving gifts because God gave us a gift, we do the advent candles and calendar, we listen to Christ centered Christmas songs, we go to Christ centered Christmas plays, etc.

AND….we celebrate the Holidays. We get together with friends and family, we trim the tree, we listen to silly Christmas songs, we go caroling, we drive around and see the lights, we shop, we exchange gifts (need some ideas?), we bake, we decorate, we go to festive Christmas plays, we even do Elf on The Shelf.

mouseOf course, with all the Holiday festivities we also talk about Jesus, as we do with all things through the year. But not in a forced, let’s try to make this about Jesus because that’s what Christmas is about kinda way, but in a natural that’s just how we live kinda way.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy Holiday!

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