Colored Rice Fun

This post has nothing to do with exercise or eating healthy, but something equally important in a person’s overall health! Having fun! My oldest loves crafts and I am not creative enough to think of on the spot craft ideas. But while I was making waffles this morning, the boys were looking through the Craft-a-Day: Craft book
that I own! 🙂 They found this one involving coloring rice and gluing it to paper. It seemed pretty easy and I had all the “ingredients”, so we gave it a go!

Here is what you need:
Paper, glue and markers
Rice (I had some left over from Rice and Beans Week!)
Food Coloring
sorry it is so blurry :)

What you do:
Put uncooked rice into bowls. I used boil in a bag rice and just put on bag per bowl. Put 5 or so drops of food coloring and 1/2 tsp of vinegar in each bowl. Mix.




Bake at 200 for about 40 min. to dry, I put all the colors on one sheet because it was so pretty! Colors will mix a little.



While it was baking I had the kids draw the pictures they wanted to cover with the rice. I also took that opportunity to clean my kitchen a bit 🙂


When the rice is done/dry, glue some on the pictures! My younger son liked just mixing the rice together better than gluing them on paper. Either way it kept them busy for about 1.5 hours! When they were done I had them put the unused rice in little jars and then sweep the floor. Uncooked rice is so so so much easier to sweep then stinking cooked rice!! 🙂





Until next time…


Have a healthy day!!


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