Crazy Cat Lady

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How I became One Crazy Cat Lady!

I have always loved animals. Dogs especially. As a child, dogs were at the top of the list, right under horses of course! Cats were ok…I guess…but I favored dogs for sure!

Did you catch that I said, “as a child”. A child with no other responsibilities. A child who could play and run with the dog, but not really worry about or be concerned with feeding it or making sure it was let out in time. But as I grew up and had kids of my own, the idea of taking care of yet another living thing seemed absolutely crazy to me! I mean I can barely keep plants alive! Getting three kids dressed, fed and educated was tough enough, adding a dog to the mix…no thanks!

But the idea of getting the kids a pet crept into my mind and so after a chit-chat with the hubs, we landed on getting a kitten! It was a surprise christmas present, and oh my…the kids were pumped!

Little did I know that someone else would be extremely excited about the decision to bring a kitten into our home. Apparently, a crazy cat lady has been living inside of me this whole time and I didn’t even know! We named our new pet “Jelly”, because everyone likes jelly, and if they don’t…their lying! As soon as we brought little Jelly home, I couldn’t get enough! She was so stinking cute! Everything she did was cute. Playing, chasing things, “hunting” things, sleeping, even when she gave herself a little bath. So stinking cute!

Meet Jelly! She's so sweet and cuddly...but only with me!

Meet Jelly! She’s so sweet and cuddly…but only with me!

As it turns out, Crazy Cat Lady doesn’t like it when the kids play with HER cat! They just played too rough and kept wanting to hold her, when that’s what I wanted to do!! So what was the next logical step, get another one!! That way Jelly could have a friend and the kids would stop bothering MY cat!

Charlotte is a special kitty, and we love her tons!

Charlotte is a special kiity, and we love her tons!

They say that cats chose their owners and lucky for this lady…they both love me! bwahaha…they’re mine…all mine!! Ok..calm down..I do let the kids play and pet them, but I make sure to keep a close eye!

I keep reminding my husband that he promised for better or worse…haha…and that he married crazy cat lady and just has to get used to it! But honestly, lean in…cause it’s a sercret…*whispers* he’s a crazy cat dude. So we’re a perfect fit!

I still like dogs, I guess. I mean they are fun to play with and take for walks, and they are cute and some are super smart! But cats…yes cats…that’s the pet for me! Compared to cats, dogs are just so…what’s the word…gross, messy, high maintenance! And ain’t nobody got time for that!

To take care of my little fur balls I make sure to get IAMS dry cat food at my local Target! I want to keep Jelly and Charlotte healthy and stong for many many years and I know IAMS products can do just that! The IAMS brand believes that the right diet can boost immunity, help maintain muscle, promote healthy digestion, and reduce tartar buildup, among other things! And because dry foods promote a healthy mouth, Jelly and Charlotte can stay cute and cuddle-able (I may have made that word up) for years to come.

And it's IAMS for the win!

And it’s IAMS for the win!

Cats…and dogs too…are as unique as people, and they all need a well-balanced diet for good health. And since the IAMS brand also offers formulas by life stage, and common needs for both the pet and the pet parent, it is a lifelong brand.

And since Target not only carries IAMS cat food, and fun cat toys, litter boxes and treats…but also all my favorite clothes, shoes, beauty supplies and groceries…I can get all my shopping done in one place! Win, Win!

Pick up some IAMS dry cat food at your local Target!

"This IAMS dry cat food is so delicious..thanks!"

“This IAMS dry cat food is so delicious..thanks!”

Next time you are at Target to pick up your IAMS don’t forget about these great deals!

10% off IAMS dog food (includes both wet & dry) (Expires 7/25)
10% off IAMS cat dry food (Expires 7/11)
5% off IAMS wet cat food (Expires 7/11)

OK…moment of truth…Are you more of a *cough* dog person, or do fuzzy felines cut to your heart? Either way…I know you love Target…next time you’re in you should pick up some IAMS dry food for your pet!


  1. Michelle S says:

    I have always had dogs and still do have one little senior gal, but cats have somehow worked their way into my life and heart. I ended up spending a ton of time in rescue, adopting special needs cats, etc. There’s A LOT more to it, but the point is that I also learned a lot about cat health.

    One of the very best things you can do for the health of your cats is to feed wet food. Rather than type a “mini novel”, I’m hoping that you’ll just Google it and see for yourself. Oh, and Iams makes canned food too!

    Loved your post. 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Michelle S….Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ll have to look into that, thanks for the tip! My black and white cat has “wobbley kitten syndrome”. You might have heard of it…she is so sweet and I am glad we adopted her!

  2. Hannah Hunt says:

    I love all animals!! We have a dog, and a cat, and fish too! (I even take care of horses!) My comment here is just to let you know that I HAVE been woken at 3 in the morning by a neighborhood cat fighting with mine… MORE THAN ONCE!! So just to set the record straight, yup! It DOES happen! 🙂 haha!

    • Heather says:

      haha Yes I guess you’re right…sometimes…cats…maybe…can be a bother…but still not as much as dogs! 🙂

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