Deluxe grilled cheese

There isn’t a lot that my husband doesn’t know or isn’t good at. If something is broken in the house…he can fix it, the car needs something…he can do it. And not just get-it-done, I mean…he does it best! I guess I am used to being around guys like that, since my dad is pretty much the same way! Lucky girl!

Anyway…what does this have to do with grilled cheese? Just that my husband makes the best…….grilled cheese ever! I call them deluxe grilled cheese, mainly because they are so good, but also because I don’t have to make dinner! They aren’t fancy. They are actually quite simple. Just bread, butter, cheese and meat. But I have to say, he makes the best! I know. I’ve tried. Mine suck! Mine are either burnt and the cheese is melted or barely crispy with mildly warm cheese. Not good. I mean, I can whip up some naan like nobody’s business, but grilled cheese…I leave that to the experts, luckily I live with one 🙂


Now you can make them as “deluxe” and fancy as you like. You could use fancy mayo, maybe some sun dried tomatoes, a fancy cheese, some veggies. The sky’s the limit! But for us it’s just lunch meat (I get some variety of chicken), American cheese (because it melts great), butter and whole wheat bread. So easy, so delicious, I don’t make them, my husband is awesome…that’s why I call them “Deluxe” 🙂




Plus he gets to use my absolute kitchen appliance! Always a bonus…makes clean up a snap!

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