Disney on Ice {review}

As a child I went to Disney once for a family vacation and once for my senior class trip. I loved it both times! However, now that I have kids of my own we haven’t made the 18 hour drive to the sunshine state yet, and thanks to Disney on Ice, we may never! I have always wanted to take the kids to Disney. The commercials where the parents surprise the kids on video just about always make me cry. But after seeing this hilarious clip, I started to rethink the whole thing.

Funny huh! I love that guy!

Anyway…Disney…I know a lot of wonderful people that love it and go every year. And to be completely honest, if the oppurtunty came up and it was a grandparents pay for it good price 🙂 I would still go and be thrilled! However…I have to say Disney on Ice was such a wonderful experience that I could live in a world where we didn’t take our kids to the “real” Disney.

The night started with a surprise visit with the one and only Mickey and Minnie!
*sorry the pics are shaky..I was so excited!


Then we found our way to our seats and they were ON THE ICE…seriously…our tickets even said “On The Ice”. The characters were so close we could see every facial expression. The skaters really get into it and try to connect with the crowd. And it wasn’t just princesses…believe me…I wouldn’t have brought the boys if it were. Oh no…there was Nemo, Toy Story and The Incredibles and even Mulan’s story was very “boyish”.



It was two hours of sensory overload, and we loved every minute!

Is your family die hard take the yearly trip to Disney (which is great if that’s your thing!:)) or would a Disney on Ice show do it for you?

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