DIY Air Tunnel fort

My kids love to built forts! I guess that’s what happens when you have two boys so close in age. I mean I don’t know if they understand that couches are for sitting. Maybe they just see them like lumber yards. If they are left alone with a couch, the cushions are coming off! At least at this point my oldest is big enough to put them back on. Our basement is constantly turned into an organized pile of blankets and couch cushions. But man do they love it!

So today they, along with my hubby, decided to put a spin on the classic fort and make an air tunnel fort! Oh my! Hours of fun! Well at least it would have been if it wasn’t so close to lunch time. One thing my kids like more than forts is food!

Anyway. They (and when I say “they” I really mean my husband) got a fan and some sheets and got to it. They laid the sheets down and tired to “seal” the seams. Then started the fan and bam…instant air tunnel fort!




There were a few design adjustments here and there, but for the most part it stayed up pretty well. I can see this happening again in our near future, but at least my couch is spared…for now! 🙂


Need a fan?

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