DIY Skinny Jeans

So my sweet crafty friend had a pair of boot cut jeans that were a bit too short. So instead of just throwing them out she decided to join the skinny jean revolution (maybe a few years late…but still…haha) and turn her short boot cuts into skinny jeans! She saved $$, got to spend time with me, and now she has a “new” pair of jeans…win, win, win!!


So how do you turn a pair of jeans in to skinny jeans? Glad you asked!

What you need:
Sewing machine (this one is on sale right now…with free shipping!)

What you do

Put the jeans on that you want to transform into skinny jeans. Have a friend pull them to the desired tightness and pin!

If you know me at all, you know that I do not sew or knit or anything cute and homesteady. But check me out!! Look at me just pinning away!


Once you are all pinned and ready to go. Mark the pinned line with a pencil then run the jeans through the sewing machine along the line.

Turn the jeans inside out and cut off the excess fabric and zig-zag the seam so it doesn’t fray.


Bam…there you go! DIY Skinny jeans! Just check out this before and after!

Before...baggy and loose

Before…baggy and loose

After...nice and tight! Fits perfectly in a pair of boots!

After…nice and tight! Fits perfectly in a pair of boots!

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