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My parents were hippies. If you know them now, that’s probably a little shocking. But it’s true, they were! My mom made her own yogurt, granola, drank raw milk, and had an impressive garden and they were even vegetarians for a spell. They got it mostly out of their system by the time I joined the crew. But my older sister has fond memories of eating home grown sprouts for as a snack.

When I was contacted by Dr. Mercola to host a giveaway for some of their products, I immediately thought of my mother and wanted to give it a try! Although I do stick to mostly organic, local, fresh ingredients…I have never been successful growing my own food. I tried a little garden (4 pots) on my deck. I think it yielded 1 green pepper. But since I could grow these sprouts inside my house (meaning I will actually remember to water them), and the kiddos could see them grow, I dusked off my green thumb and gave it a go.

I started with the pea and sunflower shoots.



Fill a potting tray with some potting soil, add the seeds, cover seeds with more soil, water and watch them grow!



These little babies are so good! And good job mom…because they do make a GREAT snack! Crunchy and healthy!! The kids (and hubby) would pick them off and chomp away! I even made a few little side salads with them!



I was also given broccoli sprouting seeds to try.
So easy! You will need a sprouting jar and lid. Fill with water to soak for a few hours, drain, rinse and drain again. Then put the jar upside down in a bowl and cover with a towel. Rinse and drain every night and in about a week you have sprouts!



You know how I love my green smoothies! Well, I was also given some organic greens powder. You can just add it to water and drank in the nutrients, but I added mine to a fruit smoothie!

You can learn more about the wonderful nutrients from sprouts here!

And thanks to Dr. Mercola…you can try 1 bag Broccoli Sprouts, 1 bag Pea Shoots, 1 bag Sunflower Shoots and they will even send 1 Sprouting Tray Top and bottom! A great way to have a healthy start for the upcoming summer!
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