Dust off those gymers…it’s time to go!

If you are anything like me, you may have spent the last 6 months (maybe more…a lot more) eating delicious carbs and binge watching trashy TV. It’s ok to blame Netflix for your current fitness level, I do!

But it’s time…it’s time to dust off those gym shoes and get back to it. It’s ok to fall off the exercise wagon, even if it’s been 100 times, as long as you get back on 101 times. Let’s work together to hang on longer this go around.

1) Start SLOW…but start.
Don’t plan to run 2 miles your first time out, or run at all…but do go out! Don’t pop in Insanity day 1, but do find a 20 min. beginner workout.

2) Start thinking about your energy source.
Tired all the live long day? Me too! Why? Well, I know that food is fuel, so if I keep running out, maybe it’s because I am fueling my engine with nasty energy depleting fuel. Don’t kick sugar, fats, and all your vices cold turkey…but do start making a game plan to start eating healthier!

3) Buddy system.
I bet you don’t have to look too hard to find a friend that wants to change their fitness level too. Don’t plan to meet 2x a week for an hour to sweat it off! But do talk about what changes you want to see and ask her about hers. Just starting the convo with your buddy and see where it goes.

Let this change in weather also bring a change in us! Here’s to a fresh start for the spring!

Ps…I found this workout on youtube. It’s a GREAT 20 MIN. BEGINNER workout! YOU CAN DO IT! 20 min. No equipment necessary. 20 min!

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