The Farm Fresh Diet

So I have decided to become a  farm-fresh-etarian (I may or may not have just made that term up) 🙂 Now, I know it sounds super duper pretentious, and it kinda is, so I typically don’t bring it up unless people ask. Which brings me to why I am posting about it. 🙂

Anyway, a month or so ago I was watching the documentary Vegucated, about being vegan (aaahh that sounds pretentious too!) Mainly because it was the only thing on and I was bored. I have seen other documentaries (Food Inc. and King Corn) about our food and where exactly it comes from and how it is processed, and I was disturbed then, so I am not really sure why this one stick with me. Maybe because it was right before lent started and I was already thinking about things to give up.  I am not really sure, but the clips of the food industry in this particular film really stuck with me. It. Is. Awful. Awful.

It just so happens that around the same time, the Mr. and I started going to a Bible study, Story Formed Life, and we were reading about creation and our purpose.  Among other great and practical truths that I learned from that week, it really sunk in that God put us in charge of the animals,  to rule over them. (Gen 1:26) And He created animals, and us and everything else, for His glory. (Psalm 19:1) While sitting in class I remembered the scenes in the film about how our meat (and other animal products) are produced. It struck a cord.

I felt convicted (for lack of another word) and as much as I can, I do not want to be a part of that industry. If God gave me authority and dominion over animals, and they are His creation, I feel like abusing them is me failing at my God given job. Plus, all the nasty “stuff” that is put into the animals and done to the animals can’t be healthy.

After spending some time thinking about the lesson and what I was feeling, I considered the vegan and vegetarian diet, but not for too long. 🙂 Because I don’t think it is bad or a sin to eat animals, I just want to know that they were taken care of and lived they way God created them to live, while they are alive 🙂 So I decided for lent, instead of giving up sweets, that I was going to change my diet for good. Not just for 6 or 8 weeks, or whatever lent is, but for life.  I decided to only eat food from animals, if I know the animals were treated humanely. So pretentious I know…blech! I know that I am not going to be able to stick with it all the time. For example, I am not choosing this over people, so if someone lovingly invites me for dinner I will graciously eat whatever they serve.  And because it is more expensive to eat this way, I will probably eat more like a vegetarian on a day to day basis.

So there you go. Farm-freshetarian.  Thankfully I have a great source of pastured beef and chicken, but if you know of a local farm that sells eggs let me know 🙂 I am still looking into where to get cheese. 🙂

Here is a great site you can check out, if you are interested, about our food, factory farming, and what you can do about it.


  1. Fran says:

    Speak on it, girl! We have been watching a lot of documentaries lately and I totally agree with you guys. We watched Fresh (it’s on Netflix until the end of this month) and loved seeing farmers that let the animals live and grow the way God intended. It’s amazing to just see how He really thought of everything to make his creation sustain itself. I am rambling, but STILL. It was cool to read similar thoughts on the matter. I hope you guys are doing well – we miss you!

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