Fourth of July snacks

To celebrate our fine country’s independence, we had a little cook out at my parent’s house. (my mom actually called it a “sausage fest”…hum…) Anyway, I was in charge of the forth of July snacks, especially snacks the kiddos would like.
I ran over to pinterest, what if it was a place and we could actually GO THERE! Anyway…I got on pinterest and looked up snacks for the 4th. I came across these beauties and gave it a whirl!
They were a huge hit! And the kids helped me make them, which was great since I am trying to limit their tv. We made red, white and blue kabobs and fourth of July trail mix! So easy, so fun and super quick! Great fourth of July snacks!

Red, White and Blue Kabobs
What you need
mini marshmallows
kabob sticks


What you do/or have your kids do
In order of “Red, white and Blue”, slide the fruit and mallows on the stick! EASY!


And the finished product!


Fourth of July trail mix

What you need
mini mallows
Red, White and blue m and ms
chex mix
pop corn (for multiple reasons, we pop ours on the stove top and use coconut oil…yummy!)


Here’s what you do

Add a bunch of scoops of each ingredient to a bowl.


Well, at least one of them was mixing! The other just couldn’t help it anymore!


Hope you all had a fun and safe fourth of July! What were some of your yummy treats?

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