Really?! Garbage Coke Again!! Really?!

Maybe I should just take the plunge and let my kids have coke! It’s bad for them so I don’t let them have it, but then they go and drink it out of public garbages, so I guess it’s a lose lose. Maybe they’re trying to send me a message “Stop giving us weird green drinks! We want the sugary crap!”

A few weeks ago I had to run to the post office, if you have ever tried to take kids to the post office with you, you understand! It’s craziness! I don’t know what it is about the stinkin’ post office, but I always leave sweaty and frustrated. And my kids must think it’s a nut house, because they bounce off the walls!

Anyway, I just had one thing to get weighed and mail. But the lady in front of me was taking FOREVER! Since it wasn’t crowded I let the boys walk around and check the place out. I was holding little lady, but she is a good 24 pounds and was starting to get heavy so I let her walk around with her brothers. No harm. I kept my eye on them as Slow-asaurous Rex took her sweet time.

Finally, it was my turn. I see all the kids. They’re fine so I hand Mr. Postman my package. I look back at the kids…WHERE’S LITTLE LADY? She’s like a magician! Disappeared! It didn’t take long to find her because the post office was really small. She was happy as can be, sitting on the ground…DRINKING FROM A CUP SHE PULLED OUT OF THE GARBAGE! She had pulled a biggie sized coke out of the over flowing garbage and was DRINKING IT!


I freaked out! And what do you do when you freak out, you call your mom. I called my mom and she laughed and laughed and laughed! Thanks mom! She reassuringly told me that “I am sure it was from some sweet old Christian lady who threw just her drink away!” Riiiight.

In reality a stinky, sweaty, dirty construction worker probably used it as his spittoon!

Well, she hasn’t grown a third eye or anything, so I guess all is well! Last time I bring my kids to the post office!


What is it with my kids and drinking from the garbage! I promise I do give them drinks, whenever they want, even right before bed! They aren’t dehydrated! I promise I take good care of them! It’s not like they have broken bones or have to get stitches…


  1. erin says:

    bahahaha! “In reality a stinky, sweaty, dirty construction worker probably used it as his spittoon!” That could have been their dad!! šŸ˜‰

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