GO! rest GO!

There are plenty of ways to burn calories, from walking, to jogging, even housework and, thankfully for me, talking! If one of your health goals is to lose weight or tone muscle, you will have to burn calories to do it!

A quick way to burn a higher volume of calories is to use interval training. All that means is to work at a high intensity for a short period of time (60 sec max), then rest for a short period of time, and repeat until your workout is over.

Here is an example of a workout that uses interval training. There are so many ways to incorporate this principle in your workout, this video is just one small example. I had to sift through quite a bit to find one with a fully dressed exerciser, but for some reason they don’t have music on in the background, so plug in your favorite tunes and GO! rest Go! 🙂

Just remember GO! rest GO! 🙂

*The information on my blog does not constitute medical advice or a recommendation for your specific condition or situation. Consult your physician before you begin any exercise, nutrition, diet, or weight loss program or other change in your lifestyle. If you experience any pain stop!

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