Gym Bag Essentials – As seen on TV

If you missed my tv debut this morning, I was on channel 19 (Cincinnati) talking about gym bag essentials! Now due to time constraints, I mean I couldn’t very well take over the whole news casting :), I wasn’t able to mention all my gym bag favs. So below you will find the items I mentioned this morning plus a few extras!

The camera adds more than 10 lbs!! haha…and my sweet parents video taped when it was airing this using their phone. Awe!

Hope Paige Watch Bracelets
Power Budz
Cenergy “hyper infusion”
USANA Protein Bars
Yes You Can

Some Extra Tips
Now if you would rather not drink energy drinks, a water bottle is perfect! Throw one in your car or gym bag and you can fill it up at the water fountain! Easy and free!

And if protein bars aren’t your thing, keep almonds or pecans in snack sized bags in your car or bag! Perfect protein snack for on-the-go!

Don’t forget a towel to wipe off all the dripping sweat from your tough workout and a spritz bottle of body spray, in case you can’t hit the showers right after!

Now that your gym bag is stocked and ready to go…get to it! 🙂

No matter whats in your gym bag, GOOD JOB for sticking with it! Getting and staying fit can be hard, stay focused and you will see results!

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