Give Morgan’s a Tri – The Little Miami Triathlon

Never…not in a million gazillion years…would I have ever thought that I would do a triathlon! I’ve finished a few 5ks and I made my way through the Thanksgiving day race a few times (pre-children of course) but a triathlon…that was for real athletes, not normal everyday people…especially moms. Until last year…last year a friend convinced me to be her partner and before I knew it we were registered…trained a bit..showed up for our start time…and in a canoe!

Here is our after pic…see how happy we are!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Little Miami Triathlon

The Little Miami Triathlon is 6 mile canoe (kayak if you are doing it solo), 6 mile run and a 18 mile bike, if you are a beginner, please don’t let that scare you! I promise you can do it! To train, I biked around my neighborhood a few times, went on some walk/runs and did rowing exercises with a band! I promise…you can do this…and how cool will it be when you finish and can say “Yeah…I did a TRIATHLON!”

little miami Triathlon

PLUS…new to this year is the addition of a HALF TRIATHLON!! YES! See you can totally do it!! This is perfect for families, people who are just a wee bit nervous for the full, or if you plan to walk the whole thing! The half is a 3 mile canoe, 3 mile walk and 9 mile bike!

Little Miami Triathlon

I hope you will join me…two of my sister-in-laws, my niece (9) and nephew (11), their dad..and about 500 normal regular people…on Sunday, June 5th for the Little Miami Triathlon!

Oh..and when you register…please say that “Heather- The Healthy Hen” referred ya! Thanks!

Here are some pics from the course!


Triahtlon Killer Hill2

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.01.37 AM


You can see more details…AND REGISTER…at Morgan’s Events- The Little Miami Triathlon!

Let me know when you do so we can cheer each other on!! 🙂


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