Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

I don’t know about your day but around here “I’m hungry” is said at least 10 millions times (and half of them are from the kids 😉 ). My kids love to eat! I mean, the boys can finish a box of cereal in 2 days flat. And the little lady of the house isn’t far behind. They must get that from their mama!

A typical day is breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. It is like they are hobbits! I don’t really plan snacks ahead so I don’t buy typical snack food at the store. When they ask I just see what we can make with what we have in the house. Sometimes that bites me in the butt, but for the most part I can get something on the table that makes everyone happy.

1) Peanut butter, celery and goldfish
2) Hummus and pretzels
3) Plain yogurt with honey and graham crackers
4) Fruit with cheese cubes
5) Green Smoothies


6) Chips and salsa
7) Banana bread and fruit
8) Peanut butter and apple slices
9) Peanut butter on graham crackers with almond milk


So these are my regular go-tos. What are some of yours?

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