Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas

I have to give my kids more than just cereal in the morning, or they are hungry an hour later! I have actually found that it is cheaper for me to make them a hearty breakfast, because I am not feeding them as many snacks! Bonus!

Here is a list of some healthy quick breakfast ideas.

Breakfast Burritos– Make ahead and nuke in the morning! You can make these as healthy as you want! Use whole wheat tortillas, and add as many healthy foods as you can (peppers, spinach, black beans, tomato, avocado, onions…just to name a few!)

Whole Wheat Waffles – Make extra so the next few mornings you can just warm them up in the toaster!

Green Smoothies – GREAT way to start the day!

Whole Wheat Toast with Natural Peanut butter and apple slices on top! So yummy and sweet!

Oatmeal with a side of fruit!

Egg in a frame with fruit – you use any shape to make the hole. Because who doesn’t like eating an egg in the shape of a dinosaur! Just sprinkle some EVOO on both sides of the bread, cut a hole, put on frying pan and crack an egg in the hole. Flip when ready!

What are some of your families go to breakfast options?

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