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When I was a kid and my family went on vacation, we usually drove to some historic landmark or to Canada to visit family. Either way, we usually stayed at a hotel overnight along the way.
The five of us would drive around until we were ready to stop and then just look for a hotel with vacancies. We never booked anywhere, we just drove around hoping to find something at the moment we wanted one. It was an adventure and it was so fun!
And the hotel, so so fun! We would fall out of the car, stumble towards the lobby, get our key and find our room. My brother and I would always “explore” the hotel. Then it was back to the room, jump from bed to bed, then order a pizza! Staying in a hotel was SO MUCH FUN! Sorry for yelling, but it was!

What hotels looked like in my mind as a child…

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At least it was when I was a naive unaware innocent child.

But you see, I am not a child anymore, I am an adult. An adult who understands that other people “slept” in this bed the night before, showered in this shower, walked on this floor, ect. ect. And now staying in a hotel is not as relaxing and fun, but rather 12 or so hours of hyper germ awareness, and hoping the cleaning staff really cares about their job and loves what they do.

Now all hotels kinda look like this…

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Ignoring all I now know about hotels, and hoping to give my kids the same wonderful memories that I had, on our last trip we decided to book a room. I made to sure book a room before we left, and made sure it had a pool. A must, so we could tire the kiddos out, so they would sleep well.

We drove about 5 hours, fell out of the car, stumbled toward the lobby, got our key and found the room. My wonderful childhood memories were flooding back. On our way to the elevator we passed the indoor pool and the kids screamed in delight! It was working! I could see the memories being created in their minds as we walked to the room. We ate dinner and then it was pool time! The kids were SO EXCITED about the pool, it might as well have been the ocean!


We got on the elevator, fought a little about who got to push the button, and down to the pool we went. We walked in the pool area, got overwhelmed with the smell of chlorine, acknowledged the family (very, um…how can I put this…Honey Boo boo ish) already enjoying the pool, then stopped! Dead in our tracks!

I noticed what looked to be some vomit on the side of the pool, spanning about a four foot area.

me- “Um…is that vomit?”

matriarch of the swimming family – “yep. It was here before we got here” (sure it was)

me – “um…have you told anyone?”

lady – “nope”

me – “ok. well I am going to go let someone know.”

Running in terror, I corralled my crew out of the pool area.  As we were leaving one of her kids yelled out “ha ha”.

Let that sink in for a second.

I got to the lobby and told the desk clerk “um…there’s some vomit in the pool”

We walked together to the pool and as we walked in the family was, very speedily, walking out.  So suspicious! The hotel clerk and the lady exchanged a few words and then I showed her the contaminated area. She asked me if that family was here before the vomit and I told her “They said they were, but I don’t know”.

She said, “Well, that is our cleaning lady.”

AAHHH!! THAT IS THE CLEANING LADY! The same cleaning lady that cleans the bed I am about to sleep in and the shower I am going to use! awesome.

Needless to say, we didn’t use the pool. Actually, I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be using any indoor pool, which my husband refers to as “swimming in a petri dish of other people’s bodily fluids”.

Because I felt bad that they didn’t get to swim, they each got a turn taking their own bath. hehehe. Cause that’s the same thing. I will say that other then the vomit in the pool incident, my kids had a great time, which was the whole point 🙂

I did lather them up with On Guard before bed and then put it in their juice at breakfast. Just to be sure 🙂

What are some of your hotel horror stories? So you stay in hotels or stay away from them?


  1. Lauren duke says:

    Oh Heather! That is pretty much the worst hotel story ever! One time, Justin and I went on a weekend trip to Indianapolis. We booked our hotel from a discount online website. Not only was it NOT in downtown as advertised, it was next to a strip club! There were parties all night in the parking lot outside our window, the walls were paper thin–this meant we heard everything that was going on next door…I mean EVERYTHING if you know what I mean, oh and the toilet leaked! Needless to say we complained and got our money back

    But speaking of leaking toilets, I went to myrtle beach for the weekend. We booked a non-smoking room, but when we walked in it smelled like an ashtray, the toilet leaked, and when I plopped down in the bed I got poked in my bottom by something sharp. I pulled off the covers and sticking straight out of the bed was a rusty nail! I am not kidding 🙂 So I guess I have had sub-par hotel experiences too!

    • Heather says:

      OH MY!! Those are some crazy experiences!! a rusty nail!! I hope you had a tetanus shot! 🙂 I wonder if you were the first couple to complain about the strip club…so gross!!

  2. Kelli says:

    Ok, my story doesn’t compete with the previous mentioned, but I did find a pair of men’s underwear behind a drape of a window once.
    I never thought I should worry about tetanus climbing into a bed @ Lauren Duke!!!!

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