Just you and me, babe!

Ah date night! The phrase holds a whole new meaning now that I am a parent. Before kids “date night” meant starting to get ready an hour or so before the actual date with a hot shower, picking out an outfit while listening to my favorite radio station, fixing my hair and makeup, deciding I didn’t like the outfit, changing, then repeating until satisfied.

Now…oh now it’s a whole new ball game. Now date night starts at least a week before the actual date with trying to find a babysitter that doesn’t charge $600 an hour (thankfully we still have a few free options). On the actual day of the date night, all day the thought of a few hours without hearing…”mom, mom, mom, mommy, mom…” keeps me going. Thirty minutes before we leave, after I fix, serve and clean up from giving the kids dinner, I hop in for a quick essentials only shower, throw on the cleanest thing I can find, put my hair in a ponytail, and run my lashes through some mascara.

But once we climb into the van, shut the doors and drive away… ah the sweet, relaxing, peace. We laugh, talk and even hold hands. After I wipe off the last of the peanut butter than managed to stick around.

Our latest date night took us all the way to Asian Paradise…and paradise it was…you can check out my review on Date Night Cincinnati!

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