KidZoo Review

I don’t know about you, but around here the winter months can be rough. We get out when we can, sled riding, snow man building, etc., but for the most part we feel a bit stuck inside.  If we get any chance  to get out of the house and burn some energy, we are all in! If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area…KidZoo is just the place to release the hounds. (Yes I just referred to my kids as hounds…it’s been a long winter. 🙂 )

As soon as I walked in I was impressed. The place is CLEAN! Clean and organized and the kids LOVED it! It’s small enough that I can sit and enjoy the TV, a book, or catch up on all the Facebook happenings and keep an eye (or ear) open for my brood, but big enough that there is room for the kids to run and run and run and run!


The place is set up with a basketball court, three playground sets and two trampolines…just to name a few. Little lady’s favorite was the mini trampoline but the boys ran from place to place and loved it all! (ps…it was pajama day at co-op and I didn’t bring a change of clothes…haha)



The staff are awesome! They don’t just sit behind the desk, oh no…they get out and play impromptu games with any kid that wants to! Tag, kick ball, Run Bear Run, basketball, etc. They get involved. It’s always great to see other people taking interest in your kids, and at KidZoo they do!

Not only do they get out and play games, but if they catch you being kind to someone, you get a ticket and a chance to spin the wheel! That was a highlight! The boys both got a chance and won a prize!



If you are tired of being cooped up and need to get out…head over to KidZoo! They even do birthday parties, which is awesome for this my-kid-has-a-winter-birthday-and-our-house-is-too-small-to-throw-the-party mom! 🙂



You can check them out on Facebook or their website for more info!

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