Lessons From Disney

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Lessons From Disney

As a media student, Disney comes up frequently in conversation. Unfortunately, it’s not always positive. At one point, I even wrote a persuasive paper on gender roles in Disney princess films, which looked at how they have progressed from the beginning.

It’s safe to say I love Disney films. I always have, and I always will – even when I’m 80 years old. One of the many reasons I love Disney films is that there is (almost) always something to be learned.

Appearances can be deceiving.

It comes as no surprise this fairly obvious lesson comes from Beauty and the Beast. Exhibit A: the Beast. He really does have a kind heart, and he cares deeply for Belle. He is perceived to be a monster (largely because society made him that way, but that’s a whole different story), but he really is sweet and gentle. Exhibit B: Gaston. He’s big and strong and “hunky,” but he is a jerk who only cares about himself.

Your life is a unique adventure.

For this, I go to Disney & Pixar’s movie, Up. As a grown retired man, Carl goes on what he thinks is the adventure of his life to Paradise Falls. In the end, he finds out his real adventure was growing old with his wife, Ellie. Life is a wonderful adventure even if you don’t travel anywhere. Life is a series of ups and downs, and it’s exciting knowing that we get this one chance to have this adventure, this journey.

You are never too old to be a kid.

When Toy Story first came out, I was a kid with Andy. Then when Andy was going to college in Toy Story 3, I was headed to college with him. At the end of the film, Andy plays with his toys again with the same joy he had when he was a kid. Even Walt Disney himself knew that adults were just big kids. Yeah, I’m in my 20s, and you could argue that I’m still practically a kid. But I have responsibilities like any other adult. It’s hard not to get weighed down by finances, schedules, and work. So every once in a while, it’s relaxing to take a little bit of time and forget about the worries, forget about the schedule and watch a kids movie or play a game.

This just outlines a few of the things I learned from Disney films. The Lion King taught me to learn from the past and face my problems instead of running from them. Mulan taught me that one person can make a difference. Finding Nemo showed me parents will do anything, go anywhere for their children. Ratatouille taught me what I can achieve in life is determined by me. Tangled showed me I sometimes need to step outside of my comfort zone to get the most out of life. The list goes on and on.

Some people or parents have hesitations when it comes to Disney films. They might think they don’t have strong female characters, or they don’t like the magic, or they think they focus too much on love. But Disney films taught me so many lessons, and at the same time, they taught me to dream. I think that is just as important, too.

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