How many slaves do you have?

Yeah, you read that right! “How many slaves do you have?” I have 78.

You can find your “score” here.


After reading The Christmas Conundrum, by Jen Hatmaker, I became really bothered by the FACT that I am a part of modern day slavery. Maybe a small part, maybe a naive part, maybe an unaware part…but a part.

We might not want to think about it, or realize it, but slavery is a very real thing and it happens every day. Every day we are buying products that enable child labor and forced labor and human trafficking, in the States and around the world. What if we could make a difference? What if this Christmas season we all make conscience choices about what we buy. Then not only are we giving gifts, we are voting against slavery.

You can download the Free2Work app and scan the bar codes of products to make sure your purchase isn’t the result of forced labor. Here’s a little video of how they score companies and the mission behind their work.

Here is a list of stores who sell crafts made by former sex slaves or recipients of microloans. They include companies that are Fair Trade and/or who use profits for international justice or employ vulnerable workers. If you know of any that aren’t on this list, leave a comment and I will update!

Altar’d State
Come Together Trading
Noon Day Collection
World Crafts
World Fair Trade Market
The Open Arms Shop
3 seams
Raven and Lily
Divine Chocolate

Kinda like a 30 day fitness challenge, or 100 day clean eating challenge…

This Christmas season I challenge you, and myself, to make a concerted effort to think about each gift before you buy it.

We can make a difference, one present at a time!

For more information about fair trade click here and here!

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