Mini Flat Bread Pizzas

I love fast, easy healthy dinners! This one took me a grand total of 5 min. Now, it could have been a little healthier if I used whole wheat flat bread and added veggies, but I do love a good deal and the white flat bread was a manager’s special!


The Mr. wasn’t home tonight for dinner and I didn’t feel like cooking a whole meal, so it was a mini flat bread pizza kinda night! The kids love it because they get to make their own and I love it because it is so so so quick and easy!


All you need is some kind of bread, a friend of mine uses pita, and any toppings your family likes. It was just cheese and sauce for us tonight, but you can add all sorts of veggies or chicken if you want!




After they are finished with the toppings, I stick the pizzas under the broiler for about 3-5 min or until the cheese has melted.


Paired with a side salad and some fruit…dinner is served!


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