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I hate getting my oil changed.  But I know it’s really important so I go.

AAA expects between the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day to aid over eight million motorists, and cautions drivers that auto maintenance is key to avoiding summertime travel breakdowns. Ensuring quality motor oil in your car is one way to prevent road trip problems.

Motor Oil Matters, or MOM, a new consumer education and industry watchdog program by the American Petroleum Institute, has been established to stress the benefits of quality licensed motor oils and call on to the carpet those who engage in deceptive practices.

Service-locators can be quick to offer discounted services to people who are looking to reduce their automotive maintenance costs. Make sure your service provider is pouring quality motor oil into your car before you decide on a cheaper deal

It’s after the oil change, when the techs tell me I am due for XYZ, I never know what to say. I don’t like blindly trusting the people who work on my van, without some sort of knowledge base.

Thankfully Motor Oil Matters provides this little check list you can bring with you! I am bringing this list to my next oil change and I will be sure to let you know all about my experience, and I’ll be giving away a $50 gift card towards your next oil change! So stay tuned…

MOM is a great organization! Follow them on FB and Twitter to stay up to date on the best ways to stay safe this summer!

You can check out this video and learn even more about them!

“The Motor Oil Matters information and gift cards have been provided by Motor Oil Matters.”

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