My Very First Triathlon

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I have run my share of 5ks, between The Color Run, The Hunger Walk, plus a few hyper local races, I bet I have at least 10 under my belt. And of course my only 10k,  The Thanksgiving Day Race! But ever since I heard about the Little Miami triathlon I was interested in giving it a try! I am not a runner, I am not even remotely interested in running a half or full marathon. I think it’s the idea of having to actually run for so long that intimidates me. But break up a race with three activities and I am all in!

The Little Miami triathlon is twice a year, and consists of 6 miles of canoeing, 5.5 miles of running (or walking if you so choose..which I did!) and then 18 miles of biking….on a beautiful country road! Now you can kayak and race as a single, but what fun is that! So I grabbed a friend and we did it together!

It was tough, but do able! Totally do-able! I had three goals. Beat my brother’s time, beat my parent’s time and finish under 5 hours. Now before you make fun of me for having a goal of beating my 64-year-old parents, keep in mind that my mom runs a 5k every morning and they bike every week with their little group of friends, that they call Grandparents Gone Wild. So yeah, beating my very active and fit parents was a totally legit goal!

And I can proudly say…done, done and done! Bwhaha!! I did it! And I will be signing up to do it again!

I wasn’t too sore, but I did notice that my workout clothes took quite a beating. Between the training and the racing…woozier…stinky!! It might have had something to do with the fact that I haven’t bought new workout clothes in who knows how long. They didn’t have a fighting chance! I don’t mind getting sweaty and gross when I workout, but come on, I can at least have a cute outfit on while I burn calories!

I wanted to keep up the workouts, but I needed new clothes…bad…so I headed to Dicks Sporting Good’s! Did you know that they re-did their women’s section? It’s like just about half of the store! Well, maybe not exactly, but it feels that way! So many options!!

Dicks Sporting Goods Women's big!!


More shots from the new women's department at Dicks Sporting Goods!


And if you know me at all, you know I love a deal! What’s better than shopping for new workout clothes…all these clearance racks!! So many clearance racks!!

SO many clearance racks at Dicks Sporting Goods!

And do you know what the clearance racks are next to…oh that’s right…a little putting green. Where my photographer spent THE ENTIRE TIME we were at Dicks Sporting Good’s! It was so great! He was learning a new sport while I was shopping for new clothes!

Dicks Sporting Good's putting green is right next to the clearance racks! _DSC0011

Other than the clearance racks, and the putting green, and the enormous selection, my favorite section was Carrie Underwood’s new line. So so soft and pretty!



I love Carrie Underwood's line of workout clothes at Dicks Sporting Goods.

I may have gotten a bit carried away…haha…but hey..that just means I have one less excuse right?!

Loving the new women's section at Dicks Sporting Goods!


Do your workout clothes take a beating? Check out Dicks Sporting Good’s women’s department and find yourself a new outfit…so you can sweat pretty!

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