Natural Allergy Remedy

If you are new around here let me clue you in on a little something…I really like…ok, ok..LOVE essential oils! I use them every day, from lemon in my water, to Terrashield to keep the bugs away! My husband, who is a skeptic at heart, also loves them! He was timid to try them out, but once he did he was hooked! They just make you feel better!

He uses them to keep his seasonal allergies at bay. Actually, lots and lots and lots of people use them to deal with allergies!! The main three oils that are used as a natural allergy remedy are lemon, peppermint and lavender!

allergyremedy Collage

My husband ALWAYS…ALWAYS…gets a sinus infection in the summer and has to use take a claritin everyday, get a allergy shot every 6 months, and uses Afrin. I mean..really! He started to feel a bit stuffy, so he rubbed two drops peppermint, lemon and lavendar on his chest and then cupped his hands over his mouth and nose and inhaled. He did that every night for about a week or so. NO sinus infection and No afrin!! First year ever!

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