Natural Bug Repellent – No more bug bites for me!

Oh I love summer time! I love the warm nights, the hot days, the vacations, pool time, ect. But I hate…HATE…bug bites! And I sure do rack ’em up! I guess it just proves that I am so so sweet 🙂 ‘Cause I get eaten alive as soon as I step outside. Once I notice I have become a tasty little snack, it’s too late. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could control my impulse to scratch the bites. My legs usually end up looking like the face of a pubescent teen. Red circles all over! Blech! I HATE BUG BITES!

I also hate all those nasty chemicals that come in a bottle of bug spray. So many warnings! I mean really.
Luckily, I found Terra Shield! It’s natural. It’s safe. It works! Goodbye bug bites for me!

TerraShield® is an all-natural formula of lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, and a proprietary blend of 12 other therapeutic-grade essential oils blended in a base of pure fractionated coconut oil. A primary function of essential oils in plants is protecting against insects and other predators. Unlike other products that contain synthetic and toxic chemicals, TerraShield is a natural approach to managing exposure to biting insects. TerraShield’s fresh, light citrus smell is wonderfully invigorating and can be used safely by everyone in the family. One application provides coverage that lasts up to 6 hours.

15ml_TerraShield a

Now I can love summer all over again!!

If you are interested in saving your legs (arms and face) this summer from mean old mosquitoes, click on the bottle of Terra Shield or go here, and search for “Terra Shield”! Or just contact me! 🙂

Essential oils are great to diffuse! I bought this one from Amazon!

If you want to use a diffuser that actually CLEANS the air, by killing germs, you need a vapor diffuser (one that uses water) This one is on my list to get next!

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