Outside at last!

Finally the sun peaked through the gray winter sky! That means Spring is almost here! Playing outside, picnics, bike rides, playgrounds and all the fun Spring has to offer! Not to mention my birthday 🙂 By the end of February I am usually grumpy, moody and hit with cabin fever. I will blame it on SAD, but that might be a bit far fetched.
Anyway…after work today, I unleashed the chicks in the great outdoors! And it was that…Great! We played baseball, chase the monster (they pretend I am a monster and they chase me with pool noodles) and hide-n-seek. It is super temping to let the chicks play in the yard/driveway/cul-de-sac while I sit back, relax and get on pinterest (and sometimes I do just that, which is great!), but playing with them is a great way not only to connect, have fun but also burn calories…and who doesn’t like that! 🙂

Pros here we come!

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