Party in the Park

Having a party in the park is so much fun! So many great benefits…top of the list being that you don’t have to clean your house! haha

We recently threw a fun Party in the Park, to celebrate summer and get #outtoplay with some friends! Whenever I can get the kids out of the house, with a bunch of their friends, have a ton of fun, and eat healthy food…it’s a win all around!! We had games, prizes, great snacks, and a playground! There was something for everyone!

I do love hosting parties, (check out our race car party), but I have to say, having one at a playground is so easy! I love that I don’t have the added stress of trying to get my house ready for guests, and then having to clean up afterwards. And I love that my kids still like to play on playgrounds! A playground for them and a bench for me…add a nice breeze and that’s a great day!

Party in the Park

Party in the Park

Here are some of the other games we played and things we did for our party in the park!

The last thing anyone wants is a kid to be hungry at a party, much less a party in the park where they are playing and jumping and burning serious energy! So to feed their adventure make sure you serve CLIF Kid products! Parties don’t have to be full of sugar and junk food! Serving fruit, water and veggies can be just as sweet! Plus, CLIF Kid makes nutritious snacks for kids’ growing bodies with no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavors. And they are specifically crafted to nourish active kids so they can play.

CLIF Kid makes healthy snacks and that are great for parties!

CLIF Kid snacks and veggies make a healthy snack break!

Use fun sand buckets as food platers! Perfect for apples and other fruit

CLIF Kid products make great party snacks!

Coloring – Having a table with some coloring pages and crayons is always a hit! It’s a nice place for little kids who might not want to play more competitive games, or for the kids to grab some down time! It’s peaceful, fun and colorful!

Having a table for coloring, at a party, is always a win!

Having a coloring table is always a win!

Chalk – Chalk is always a win! You can have the kids help “decorate” by coloring the sidewalks or driveway while you set up the party, and then leave the chalk out as an extra “Game” for the kids to play with!

Having the kids "help decorate" for a party by giving them chalk to play with! Keeps them busy while you set up!

Photo Booth – I love a photo booth! We did one at our mustache themed baby shower, and just about every party we host! I love ’em! Grab some props, and a fun background…in this case, nature provided that, and snap away! Try not to just get the kids to smile..get them moving and snap an action shot! In these pics, I had them jump on the count of 3!

Every party needs a photo booth!

Jumping picture make me smile!

CLIF Kids party in the park

Photo booth at #outtoplay party in the park

Flinch – Have the kids stand in a circle, a big circle, around one person in the middle. The person in the middle has a ball, and throws it to each person standing in the circle. Or do they? haha. That’s the trick. Sometimes the person standing in the middle will throw the ball, and the person on the outside has to catch it…but sometimes the thrower just pretends to throw the ball and the person supposed to catch the ball can’t flinch! Catch the ball…but don’t FLINCH!

FLINCH a fun party game!

Jump the Creek – Start with two jump ropes laying parallel to each other, forming a “creek”. When the kids each jump over the creek, you move the ropes a little further away, making the creek wider. If you can’t make the jump, you’re out! The last one standing wins!

JUMP THE CREEK! A fun party game!

Relay Race – OF course there are so many different ways to do a relay race. For this party we had the kids divide into two teams and race using homemade stilts!

Relay Race with Homemade Stilts!

Do you like hosting parties in the park? What are some of your go-to party games? Show how you play by sharing your pics using #outtoplay!

This post was sponsored on behalf of CLIF Kid via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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