Phantom of the Opera in Cincinnati

Broadway in Cincinnati presents Phantom of the Opera!

The Phantom of the Opera arrives in the U.S., featuring a brilliant new set and staging. The story centers on the thrilling love triangle between the mysterious Phantom, Christine and Raoul at the Opera Populaire in Paris. Lloyd Webber’s score includes the beloved songs “Music of the Night,” “Think of Me” and “All I Ask of You.”


The cast includes Derrick Davis as The Phantom, Katie Travis as Christine Daaé, Jordan Craig as Raoul, Trista Moldovan as Carlotta, David Benoit as Monsieur Firmin, Price Waldman as Monsieur Andre, Anne Kanengeiser as Madame Giry, Phumzile Sojola as Ubaldo Piangi and Emily Ramirez as Meg Giry.


I am so glad I had the chance to see Phantom! The evening at The Aronoff Center with Phantom of the Opera was regal, fantastic and magical. My husband and I were especially amazied at the special effects, the sets, the stage. It magically drew us in as if we were actors not observers. The quality of the performers superseded most performances we have seen. It was a spectacular night of sheer entertainment.


Tickets start at $45.00 and the show runs to Sunday Nov. 27th. You can find more details and purchase your tickets here!

I would love to know…What’s your favorite Phantom song? Mine has to be “Masquerade”!!

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