Pirate Party

I was never much for the themed parties. I’m not as creative as my sister, who seems to ooze with creativity and can make great things out of ordinary things with ease. However, after her daughters art party, she inspired me to throw a themed party for the boys last year.

I have to admit…I. LOVED. IT! I loved every bit of it! It’s so much fun thinking of ways to incorporate a theme into the decorations, snacks, games, goodie bags…etc! LOVED IT!

Now, I still might not throw a party every year for the kiddos, but when I do you can bet it’s going to have a theme!

Here are a few pics from the Pirate Party! He was turning 5 and loved pirates! So a pirate party it was!


I know what you’re thinking…THAT CAKE IS AWESOME! And yes..yes it was! SO COOL! I can’t believe I made that! It wasn’t too hard either. Here is the recipe!

We also had little fish cheese sandwiches, “Catch of the Day”, Sweet tea “rum”, water with fruit in it “tropical water”, little round cheese puffs “canon balls”, and some adult drinks, in the cooler with the skull and cross bones.


We drew mustaches, decorated telescopes (paper towel things), made treasure maps and went on a treasure hunt while being chased by a silly sting yielding “Captain Hook”, and walked the plank! And it didn’t hurt that my brother-in-law kinda looks like a pirate! 🙂 (ps that’s just him….he didn’t dress up for the party…so great!)


SO SO SO fun!! I highly recommend a themed party while the kids are still young enough to think it’s cool!! And maybe a few years after 🙂

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