Rice and Beans

Right now we are in a series at church about finances, and where/what we should, and do, invest our resources . Crazy to think about how we live compared to the rest of the world. Here is a little video with some stats..

So for one week we, as a community, are going to eat rice and beans (what 2/3rds of the world’s population eat every day), so we can invest in the Kingdom! Technically, it should be one cup of rice and beans per person, spread through breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as a family we are going to decide what works best for us.  Basically, we are donating the money we are saving on groceries to three different charities. It is going to be challenging and stretching, but I am excited to see the impact our community can have when we all pull together for the greater good. I will post at the end and update you on how we did our week and the impact the whole church was able to make.

Now I am going to go pin some rice and beans recipes 🙂

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