Sand Dunes and Diarrhea (yes, you read that correctly)

We get to go on two vacations every year, one week with the hubs family and one week with mine. I know, I know…it’s rough life. We just got back from our wonderful family vacation in Northern Michigan. If you know my family at all you understand when I say we pack in as much adventure and activities as humanly possible in 7 days. After all the bike rides, boogie boarding, cherry picking, swimming, outdoor movies (my dad brings his own projector and screen), puzzles, dinners, ice cream shops, parks and shopping…which is all done before day 4…. all the families break off and have a “do your own thing” day. Kinda to give everyone a chance to have some quality family time and also to have a break…you know how family vacations can be 🙂

For our little adventure we decided to go on a little hike to see a sand dune. Nothing too long, just about a mile. All signs pointed that this was going to be a fun filled family time.

So we packed a few waters, laced up some gymers and off we went. Me, my hubby, a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I know that most of you already know our family set up, but I feel it’s important to the context of this story to reiterate our kids and their ages. 6,4 and 2. 2. 2 and not potty trained. 2.

Did I mention our 2 year old was joining us?

So we are on the way to the trail head and I noticed that I forgot to bring a diaper and wipes. “No biggie” I thought…she is almost potty trained and usually doesn’t need to be changed that often.

We get to the beginning and are all smiles and ready to go!

The hike was fun! The boys took turns leading, we stopped and played on a tree, and when Goldilocks decided she was tired the hubs created a sling with a beach towel.


We get to the dunes and have a blast! Climbing up and running down!

Then we hike to the scenic overlook and I decide it’s time for a family pic. Innocent enough. I just wanted a sweet pic of my sweet family to remember this sweet little trip. That’s when everything fell apart.

First the pic just wasn’t going to happen. Squishing 5 people together, 5 feet from the edge of a 300 foot drop so we would all fit on the screen as the hubs stretches his arm out holding the phone. Here are the best shots.


Then right before we start back to the trail…I notice a smell. Then I look at my precious little girl (yes the same one who drank garbage coke) and notice some brown liquid has indeed seeped out of the sides of her diaper and through her pants.

Oh crap…literally…

So I go about trying to find the most private and also flat spot on top of the sand dune that I could. Yes…that’s right…a sand dune…the most ideal place to change a diaper.

So just to catch you up…

Sand dunes have sand. Sand isn’t the most sturdy of surfaces. Every time you move in sand, it moves. 2 year olds also like to move…a lot. Especially when they are laying in sand getting their diaper changed.

So there I am, laying Goldilocks on a sandy hill. I took her pants off, then the diap..…(dry heave)…diaper…sorry about that…I was just remembering how disgusting it was! I mean..runny…smelly…for some reason greenish…poop. (dry heave)

So now she’s ready to be cleaned off with all those wipes…I that forgot!! Yeah…remember that nugget. I am doing this all with no extra diaper or any wipes!

I instead take her shirt off and proceed to use it to wipe her! Also her pants.

Thank the Lord that my mother-in-law buys cute t-shirts from the Gap Outlet for 25 cents. Which makes my decision to throw it away and not try to save and wash it out a lot easier!

Finally, she’s all cleaned up. Minus a shirt and pants. Thankfully I dressed her in a ruffly shirt/pants combo and brought a light zip up hoodie.

And that’s how the hubs carried her back to the van. The mile hike back to the van with her wrapped in a makeshift papoose, no diaper, no pants and no shirt.

Oh and the boys thought it would be a perfect time to fight about who gets to be first…landing them in the back of the pack holding hands the whole way back!

At least we were able to see this beautiful sunset every night! (shot with the Go Pro I got for Christmas!)

Ah the memories.

Do you have any family trip memories that weren’t so funny in the moment…but are a good laugh now?

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