Saving Money Tastes GREAT with ALDI

I have fallen in love with ALDI! I know…I know…it’s weird to be in love with a grocery store. But when you are in one at least once a week, you get to know the people, the products and the place…and I have to say…”ALDI…I love you!”

My affinity for ALDI all started on a family vacation in Europe…sounds fancy huh?! As we were walking through a little town, my mom and sister saw an ALDI and screamed a bit! haha They were just a tad excited! They already knew ALDI’s had great prices, but I was a newbie. And so my first time ever inside an ALDI was in Holland, the start of a beautiful relationship!

Back to those amazing prices, I mean..AMAZING prices! I do love a great deal!! Who doesn’t?! Buying food or clothing, or anything really, at retail prices just feels like a rip off! But finding a great deal…AWESOME! And great prices on groceries…something we all buy every week…the savings really add up!

For example…

Creamy delicious hummus! Only $1.99 at ALDI

Creamy delicious hummus! Only $1.99 at ALDI

These large spices are only .99 at ALDI! Crazy!

These large spices are only .99 at ALDI! Crazy!

EVOO for $3.29 at ALDI stores!

EVOO for $3.29 at ALDI stores!

No Antibiotics, vegetarian fed, cage free chicken...$4.49 at ALDI

No Antibiotics, vegetarian fed, cage free chicken…$4.49 at ALDI

My personal favorite deal...Organic virgin Coconut oil...$3.99!!

My personal favorite deal…Organic virgin Coconut oil*…$3.99!!

How do they do it? How can they get away with such low prices? Bottom line…They like saving money just as much as we do! And their savings equal more savings for their customers! Here are just a few ways ALDI saves you money.

1) Bring a quarter…borrow a cart! At ALDI, you slide a quarter into their carts to unlock them. When you are finished shopping, just put the cart back and your quarter pops out! This way, they don’t have to hire more employees just to wrangle carts…which saves them money…which means they can offer groceries at a lower price! Added bonus…there are no carts wondering around the parking lot…so no dents in your car!

2) Open Cases and Big bar codes. The layout of ALDI stores look a bit different than you might be used to. The products are simply displayed in the cases they are shipped in. Meaning…the employees can just open the boxes, instead of taking each individual product out and putting them on the shelves. Also, the bar codes on the back of the produces are large and there are usually more than one on each package. This way the cashier can slide the product and the scanner reads it the first time. Time = money…and ALDI does this to save both!

ALDI store lay out saves you money!

Open Cases means $$ for you!

3) Cash or Debit…no checks or credit! Swing by the bank before you head to an ALDI. To avoid transaction fees and other costs associated with credit card companies, ALDI stores only take cash or debit cards.

4) Have a seat! In all ALDI stores the cashiers sit down to ring up your groceries! Seated cashiers are in a more ergonomic position and can therefore move more efficiently. They also don’t get tired as quickly and can work with more energy! I must say, in my experience, they are also happier than cashiers at other grocery chains.

Happy and Helpful cashiers at ALDI!

5) You bought it…You bag it! You know the millions of plastic bags we get at the grocery store that we throw away…we have to buy them! Sure they don’t ring up each one…but believe me…the cost of each bag is built in to the cost of the food! Not at ALDI! You bring your own bags and then bag it yourself after the cashier rings it up!

Here are some fun “DID YOU KNOW” facts..

ALDI was the first company in the nation to offer part time employees (working at least 25 hours per week) health benefits!

ALDI stores stock fresh produce EVERYDAY..conventional and organic!

Fresh Produce every day at ALDI!

And they offer organic, grass-fed beef! YUMMY!

Organic, grain fed beef at ALDI!

By the end of 2015 there will be no MSG, trans fats, or certified synthetic colors in all ALDI brand products. YEAH! Gluten Free? No worries!! ALDI carries a huge line of gluten-free products, including pizza!

Gluten Free products at ALDI!

Is there an ALDI store near you? If not…no fear…they are starting 650 new ALDI stores in the next 5 years!! So keep your eyes peeled!

Disclaimer – I was given something of value from ALDI in exchange for learning about the store and posting my findings. All opinions are 100% mine.

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