Sprinkle with Love – A Baby Sprinkle

My sweet friend is having her..wait for it..wait for it…4th baby!! It may have been a little surprise, with her 3rd still in diapers, but they are pumped..and I am too! Of course she has just about everything she will need, with three other kids…she has the toys, crib, car seats, changing table, pack and plays, even clothes to hand down. So there wasn’t really a need for a baby shower…but we wanted to celebrate this little life and stock her with diapers…so a Baby Sprinkle wins!!

It was a great time with fun friends, good food and of course diapers! I’m a sucker for a theme (just check out our pirate, super hero, princess, race car parties) So for a Baby Sprinkle, especially for a 3rd or 4th pregnancy, here are some tips I would recommend…

1) Sprinkle everything…but Keep it simple.
From the invite to the guest list to the food and “games”, remember simple is sweet. For our Sprinkle I only invited the guest of honor’s closest friends…and their kids. I wanted it to be a time where the moms could talk and visit, while the kids played.

Invite for a baby sprinkle

2) Food that warms the soul…simple food that warms the soul.
Since there was going to be kids, I wanted simple food that they would actually eat. And since everyone loves breakfast food we had a waffle bar, complete with chocolate chips, pecan bits, whipped topping and syrup. I even served my low carb, grain-free waffles for my gluten free friends! Grab a waffle..and sprinkle it with toppings.




Waffle bar for a baby sprinkle!


We let the kids go through first…and then it was the adults turn! Grab a waffle, sprinkle with toppings…enjoy some good company while the kids eat!



3) Gifts…simple…diapers…done!

Baby sprinkle, gift table



4) Games. Well..the thing about games is…how do I put this…no one likes them. haha. You know what we like, talking! We want to talk, uninterrupted. So empty a few Luvs diaper boxes, have some fun paper and craft supplies and let the kids have at it. We have two “teams”, boys and girls. I told them to make a robot. AN HOUR later…they were done. That’s 1 hour of uninterrupted chit chatting!

Baby sprinkle craft for kids






5) Simple, sprinkled,sweet treats. For another pseudo “game” that also incorporated cookies…I frosted cookies and had them sprinkle the cookies with either purple or green, depending on what gender they think the baby will be. Most of the kids thought the baby would be twins, a boy and a girl…but I am pretty sure they did that just to eat both kinds of sprinkles. haha





6) Sprinkled lips. Mainly because I thought it would be a fun pic…I had everyone kiss a plate of sprinkles…either green or purple depending on what they thought the gender would be…and then snapped a fun pic. Apperently…everyone thinks GIRL! I guess we’ll see!








7) Simple parties make clean up a snap!







Have you ever hosted a baby sprinkle? What did you serve? How did you incorporate the theme “Sprinkles”? Be sure to check out Luvs.com and Vocalpoint.com for great ideas! I would love to hear and see your pics!

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

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