SUPER HERO Birthday Party!

This year’s party was so much fun! Since the boys birthdays are only 4 weeks apart, and I end up inviting the same people…I thought I would just do a combo party this year! Both of the boys are “super” into super heroes so it worked out just great!

Supersnacks Collage

I have to say, it was easier than the race car or pirate party! The dollar store had some great Super Hero stuff, and most of the kids came already dressed up. I brought whatever Super Hero costumes I had at home for anyone who didn’t already have one on, or for the kids to just play with.

The snacks I had were pretty simple. Veggies (X-Ray Vision) with Greek yogurt dip, POPcorn, watermelon and hot dogs. The drinks were POWerade, PUNCH (just ice water) and some Kryptonite (beer) for the adults! 🙂

And of course the cake! I threw around the idea of going all out on the cake, but time got away from me and the Dollar Store had little figurines, so a tiered cake with different colors and super heroes on it won.

For the activities…I had the kids decorate some toilet paper rolls with markers and stickers and then they could wear them as bracelets. I was going to do an awesome photo booth…but it was 6 thousand degrees outside so we brought the slip-n-slide out instead!

And what’s a super hero party without a bad guy? HEHEHE! Our “bad guy” was my loving husband who put on a full costume, chased the kids with silly string and let them capture him…remember it was 6 thousand degrees outside! All for the sake of my Super Hero Party dreams! 🙂


Happy Birthday boys! I hope you never out grow thinking theme parties…and your mom…are cool!

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