Sushi Bears Cooking Class

Heather, over at The Food Hussy, is guest posting for me today! Check out her adventure from Sushi Bears Cooking Class!

Healthy Hen was really sweet and gave me her free tickets to a Sushi Bears Cooking Class at Findlay Market! I’m a big sushi fan and really always thought that MAKING sushi would be nearly impossible for me to do!


First up – my friend Lauren and I headed to Findlay Market. Sushi Bears recently moved to a permanent location of their own in Findlay Market. They’re on the same side as Silverglades & Pho Lang Thang – if that helps you find them. You can also look for the bright blue painted building! Wow – it wakes you up!


Erin was our chef for the day – she had also been my teacher for the Indian class that I took a couple of months back. She’s so multi-talented! It’s great in this location because it’s a larger teaching space.


The great thing about the classes are the little cooking tips you get. First, we found out how to make sushi rice (2x the water you would normally use) and that the rice used in sushi is “seasoned” rice. The “seasoning” is seasoned rice wine vinegar – which is actually just vinegar & sugar! You sprinkle it on your cooked rice to your desired taste. The acidity in the vinegar keeps the raw fish bacteria free!


We also found out about nori (seaweed) and that you put the rice on the textured side of a sheet of nori so it grips the nori when you roll it! When you’re shopping for nori – it should be bendable. If you try and bend the package and it cracks – shyly put it back and walk away. 🙂


Here’s my friend Lauren – rolling her first sushi roll! She did not think she would have much success but she did great – we all did! i was surprised we didn’t even have those little rolly things the sushi guys use – all you really need is a clean surface and your hands!


We had a few different ingredients to work with and were going to make one roll with the nori on the outside and one with it on the inside. It was also nice to know you don’t NEED raw fish! We could choose from: mango, green pepper, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon and imitation crab for our rolls. And – since you can choose what you want to put in your sushi – you can make it as healthy as you want! The mango and avocado really added a creaminess that could easily replace the cream cheese.

For the roll, we had our nori in strips – smushed the rice onto the nori and then piled our toppings. You don’t spread the toppings – you pile them up! Then roll roll roll! I don’t want to give away all of their tips because it’s really a great class to take!


Here are my rolls – the nori out and the inside out roll. I think they all look pretty good – right?! Erin said my rice was too thick – but oh well – I can’t be a sushi expert on day 1!

The class was fun because there were prizes for the best rolls and it was just a lot of fun to be hands on and doing this for yourself!


Here we are with our finished sushi rolls! After this – we gobbled them up! Everybody in the class had a lot of fun and overwhelmingly gave a resounding YES when asked if we could make sushi at home on our own.

Thanks again Heather, The Food Hussy, for letting us in on all the sushi making fun!

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