For me being healthy also involves a healthy does of saving money! I use coupons, buy on sale and use Swagbucks. I love…LOVE…Swagbucks!

Swagbucks, is so easy to use! So far to date I have earned $272 dollars…real dollars…just by using the Swagbucks tool bar to search the internet!


Here’s what I do.
I downloaded their tool bar. Anytime…ANY.TIME….I need to get to a website (even my hotmail) I go to their toolbar and do a “search”. So instead of typing www.hotmail.com, I “search” for Hotmail, and then just find it one the first results page. I do that for every website I am wanting to go to, Facebook, email, whatever.

Every once and a while a little box appears and says “you earned ___ swagbucks. Sometimes it’s 2, other times it’s 13, or 25. It really varies.

Anyway, so then over time it builds up and I can exchange my swagbucks for real bucks! 🙂

I always…just because I love Amazon…use my swagbucks for Amazon gift cards! But you can get tons of other great stuff!

So check out Swagbukcs and give it a try!

And if you use the code healthyhen when you sign up before July 21st, you get 70 extra Swagbucks! Whoa!

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