Thankful Wreaths

I saw this little activity on pinterest and thought it seemed easy enough. Plus my oldest LOVES doing crafts…and I…well not so much…and this looked like one that he could get into and do himself. 🙂

First things first…collect beautiful leaves. Not too hard if you live in the Greater Cincinnati area. This Fall has been BEAUTIFUL!

While the kids are gathering the foliage, grab some paper plates and cut big circles out of the middle. So they look like paper wreaths.

Call the kiddos in, and have them glue the collected leaves on the outside of the plate.


wreaths holding pin

Easy and fun!

For an added bonus, we mentioned something we were thankful for each time they glued a new leave on the plate. Awe. So now they are Thankful Wreaths!

wreaths hanging 4 pin

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