There’s an oil for that!

I try, sometimes harder than others, to avoid harsh chemicals in my home and food. I feel, especially as a mother of young children, it is my responsibility to provide the healthiest environment possible. In a perfect world of course I won’t even need to worry about all the toxins in our food, air and water. In a perfect world I would have a lush garden (that I knew how to take care of :), a few cows, maybe a pig and of course some chickens! In a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world. No, we live in a world where money is king, and if a company can produce more faster, even if the result is poorer quality, they will. Stupid money!


Anyway, in my search for natural living I stumbled across essential oils! Not just any, but Doterra, more specifically. Basically, oils expressed from various plants around the world, have healing, restoring, virus-killing, ect. properties. Have you ever drank a ginger-ale when you had an upset stomach? That is because the ginger oil has stomach calming abilities. Have you ever used lavender based lotion on a baby to help with sleep? Yep, because lavender oil has been proven to be relaxing and calming. Actually, there is an oil based method for just about every health concern. I know people who have taken Claritin every day and now are on a natural routine of peppermint, lavender and lemon oils!


I want to take a moment and point out a few things.
1) These oils, as awesome as they are, aren’t the cure all for every disease. I do think that modern medicine has it’s place. I just think that it has gotten out of hand. Way out of hand.
2) The healthier you are, the more effective natural (and conventional) remedies are. For example, if you have a terrible diet and live a sedentary lifestyle, it is going to be more difficult for an essential oil to penetrate your cells and repair damage.
3) Not all oils are created equal. Not even at health stores. DoTerra oils are tested at the highest standard and are certified pure theraputic grade.
4) I do like to live a healthy life, but that also includes indulging in some delicious and wonderful chocolate and fried foods, and chips and even hot dogs…on the occasion!


Anyway…I am really excited about DoTerra’s essential oils! I can’t wait to post about how I have been using them! If this peaked your curiosity, or if you just want to learn more, come to an essential oil class and/or contact me (email in the side bar)!

Just a handful that came with the Family Physician Kit!

Just a handful that came with the Family Physician Kit!

If you want you can go here to check out more about DoTerra here!

Have a healthy day!

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